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Sailing the South Coast - Arriving in Hamble

Day 1

Wildbird of Fowey

Packed and ready for the high seas, I caught the train headed for Southhampton. I felt the part wearing my Dads old ‘SCYC Launchman’ top, red faded jeans and deck shoes. The five and a half hour journey was relatively easy; only two changes, first at Newport Gwent, then at Southhampton. The train followed the Southhampton Water for the last leg of the journey. I had arrived.

The Wildbird Of Fowey was mored in the River Hamble at the Royal Airforce Yacht Club. I settled into my cabin which had plenty of storage space - even a locker behind the small mirror! After being cooped up on a train for several hours and knowing Tuesday I would be confined to the space of the 40ft Bowman I went for an explore around Hamble. I went for a run along the Southampton Water, through westwood park and past Victoria House - a beautiful building which was a mental hospital during the First World War where Florence Nightingale was situated.

After scrubbing the fenders that had been left to fester with Marine Growth I enjoyed a very adequate dinner of fish pie before bunking down in my cabin. Tomorrow the adventure begins.

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