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Sailing the South Coast - Poole to Weymouth

Day 3

A beautiful days motor sailing along the Lulworth Coast. White cliffs, caves, arches, stacks and stumps - a geography lesson all of again…

Another 10:50am departure from Poole, heading further west towards Weymouth. The wind remained on the nose of the boat which prevented us from sailing. As we passed Lulworth Cove, we were escorted for 10 minutes by a Lynx army helicopter! We released that we might have been within the Lulworth firing range so radioed the coast guard who confirmed we weren't doing anything wrong…very strange.

Arriving in sunny Weymouth at 16:30, a strong smell of fish in the air as seagulls swarmed fishing boats that motored in from a successful day at sea. I went for an run around the very picturesque seaside town and explored the beach. Emily and Joe drive down and joined us for supper.

We all hit our beds early to prepare for tomorrows 12 hour trip - Lyme Bay - Weymouth to Darmouth.

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