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  • Writer's pictureEliza Brown

Sailing the South Coast - Weymouth to Dartmouth.

Day 4

Glad to be in Dartmouth after a very rocky 63 mile journey. A slow start to the trip as we battled against the tied for four or so hours, however we were able to put up the main and the yankee. Too much sail out, we reefed the sail and the yankee to reduce the boats angle and therefore increase our speed.

Hours surrounded by open water, diving over the continuous breaking waves. Spotting a passing boat was a rare occurrence and became a game to distract us from our churning stomachs. We felt relieved once land came in sight 20 to 15 miles from shore…a very stomach turning journey eventually came to an end! FEW!

The sun came out as we motored into Dartmouth. The brightly coloured houses stood vibrantly against the lush green hills surrounding the bay. We moored at Darthaven Marina and enjoyed a hearty lamb stew with new potatoes. Glad to have got that stretch of the journey out the way.

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