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Revive your survival instincts through immersive wilderness experiences.


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Frost River

The giant head of an American Moose mounted on the wall stands watch over the Frost River Headquarters in Duluth. Hand crafted canoes hang precariously from the ceiling, a vintage ice cream cart stocked with a variety of delicious flavours stands parked in the corner, an immense grizzly bear proudly sporting Frost River products in his bright red t-shirt and beautifully hand crafted leather backpack stands tall on his hind legs baring his enormous teeth and claws.

The strong comforting smell of wax and leather that is so familiar to me. It reminded me of being home on our farm in the English countryside, that familiar sent when hunting, shooting and riding horses. All I needed now was a swig of my Grandfathers homemade Damson Gin from my hip flask as I trekked through the rough bracken and over frosty hills with a shot gun broken over my right arm.

It might be every adventurer and explorers dream to own such sturdy and well-made products. Especially as we rely on our kit so much when battling the elements of the great outdoors. Any failings in our equipment can come with huge consequences. Frost River offers a lifetime warranty.

The sturdy construction of each item is completed in the same building as the shop. Everything is created by hand using the highest quality materials; waxed canvas, tough leathers like deer hide and buckskin. Added reinforcements with solid brass buckles and strap attachments.

If you are planning an unique trip; it is possible to go canoeing across the Boron Lakes in British Columbia or try camping in Yosemite National Park. Horse back riding across the Valle de Bravo in Mexico , fly fishing in the Patagonia River in Argentina or hunting through the rough of Northern Scotland, it is all out there. A visit to Frost River online or in store is worth while to kit yourself out in preparation for your adventure.

Order your Frost River gear here:

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