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GEAR REVIEW - SASTA - Women's Mehto Pro 2.0 Jacket

I recently tested the prototype for the new Women's Mehto Pro 2.0 Jacket, thanks to Outwear, Elm of Burford and Sasta.

Image by Grace TSP

I have just walked the length of the Scottish Highlands with a pack pony, from Fort William to the north coast of Scotland, across its rough, wild, mountainous and boggy terrain. Finding a jacket, durable enough to withstand the challenging nature of the Scottish weather, was absolutely crucial for the success of this expedition. I was very excited to have been able to take the prototype for Sasta's brand new Women's Mehto Pro 2.0 Jacket for its first test run in the wilderness.

As specialists in clothing for outdoor professionals and with their extended product and brand knowledge I approached Outwear and Elm of Burford and asked for their expert help in finding me a jacket. Paul, Andrew and their team instantly new exactly what I needed to survive the wild weather up north and introduced me to the Mehto Pro 2.0 by the Finnish brand, Sasta.

I would highly recommend this jacket to any individual who spends their time battling harsh and ever-changing weather conditions. During the 19 days of hiking through the wilderness, Pansy the pony and I, battled the wrath of the Scottish elements. We faced sixty knot gusts over mountain peaks, torrential rain, sleet & hail and eventually some sunshine. This jacket did not falter. Not once. I stayed dry, warm and protected from the elements the entire time.

image by Grace TSP

It has always been a challenge to find functional and robust clothing that suits my rustic and wilderness taste as a women. Sasta's colour scheme worked really well amongst the rough and rugged Scottish terrain that I was immersed in. Whilst wearing the Mehto Pro 2.0 I felt like I was part of the landscape. It was a fantastic feeling to disappear into such a remote and wild setting, camouflaged against the brown hues.

The 100% polyester knit brushed surface helped with the long lasting protection against the bracken and bristles that I fought my way passed on frequent occasions on this expedition. I have returned home with zero tears in the material...its as if its still as good as new! The soft and noiseless material allowed me to sneak amongst the wildlife as I went. As a consequence I witnessed golden eagles, lapwing, herons, red squirrels, deer and otters...just to name a few.

Sasta's Mehto Pro 2.0 jacket demonstrated functionality in the varied weather that I experienced on this expedition. The 3L layer Gore-Tex lamination is what makes this jacket durably waterproof, extremely breathable and totally windproof. I remember finding it especially satisfying to watch the beading water roll down the jacket during the countless days of torrential rain, and especially to see that the water was still beading by day nineteen!

When the rain eventually stopped, I used the 2-way front zipper and side venting zips to allow airflow whilst I was hiking. This would help me to keep cool, especially during big mountain ascents. The side venting zips are conveniently located between the ribs and hips so that they are easily accessible - a fantastic design feature. This removed the faff, that you experience when wearing most mountaineering jackets, of having to extend the arms, to create the tension, to then be able to open and close the venting zip. This design makes all the difference when you have your hands full with a pony, or say, a shotgun under your arm.

I used the detachable hood and adjustable collar as another way to regulate my body temperature. I would tighten the elasticated toggles, situated on each side of the hood, to keep my ears warm when the wind picked up. The extended peak cap, attached to the edge of the hood, also helped to protect my face from the rainwater.

The sleeves have a velcro tightening attachment at the cuffs so that you can seal your wrists from the water running down the arms of the jacket. The arms has been designed with extra material around the sleeves, so that when you tighten them it creates a channel for large volumes of water to run off, before it reaches the seal around the wrists, and thus avoiding wet hands.

I have loved trialing the Women's Mehto Pro 2.0, it is a jacket that has corresponded well with my personal ethos in promoting self sufficiency in the outdoors and aided my survival through the Scottish Wilderness. This jacket is a product I can trust to endure the demanding and ever-changing conditions I face as an outdoor professional. It is durable, robust, resilient and functional product. Tick, tick, tick and tick!

To all outdoor professionals - hunters, gatherers, farmers, twitchers, explorers, adventurers - you need to get your hands on this jacket! It provides comfort and protection when you are facing the extreme. Wearing the Mehto Pro 2.0 improved my expedition experience. It is the most rugged, uncompromising jacket I have ever used. A master of the extreme.

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