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We are a close-knit family, united not just by our skills but by our shared values. In each endeavor, we ensure your safety, privacy, and comfort with understated confidence. With RVIVAL, experience the assurance of being in the safest hands, where every member's expertise is matched by their unassuming dedication to your wellbeing.

We have spent our lives immersed in the outdoors and wish to share that experience with you. 

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CEO & Wilderness Guide

Eliza, the visionary behind RVIVAL, is not only a Wilderness Guide, Survivalist, and Chef, but also a passionate advocate for traditional skills and community empowerment. Always immersed in wild locations, pushing her instincts and survival skills to the limit, Eliza's driving force lies in helping others unlock their primitive practicalities and reconnect with the natural world.

Her extraordinary adventures have taken her across diverse landscapes. Eliza has led ski expeditions through the remote reaches of the Arctic and ventured into the depths of the Panamanian Chagres Jungle. She has traversed the Scottish Highlands with a pack pony, embarked on solo treks from coast to coast across North America's untamed wilderness, and sailed the vast expanse of the world's oceans.

Throughout her journey, Eliza recognized the value of traditional skills and the importance of engaging with local communities. By collaborating with local teams who are at the forefront of protecting the wilder places that still remain, she is foreging a bridge between disconnected individuals and the natural world, guiding them towards a more sustainable future. Eliza understands that nurturing this connection is essential for building a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature.

As the founder of RVIVAL, Eliza's vision is to reignite society's appreciation for traditional skills and empower individuals to reconnect with nature. By creating immersive experiences and collaborating with local communities and estates, she provides a pathway for others to navigate towards a more sustainable future. Eliza's commitment to bridging the gap between a disconnected world and the natural environment is the cornerstone of RVIVAL's mission.

With her expertise, passion, and unwavering dedication, Eliza has created a platform where individuals can rediscover the timeless wisdom of traditional skills, reconnect with nature, and navigate the pathway to a more sustainable future. Her work embodies the belief that by fostering a deep connection with the natural world, we can pave the way for a more balanced and harmonious existence. Through RVIVAL, Eliza provides the tools and experiences necessary to bridge the gap and guide others towards a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.




A Commissioned Officer of the elite Royal Marines, Mike brings his wealth of experience in outdoor and adventurous training to the RVIVAL team. With a lifelong passion for the outdoors, Mike has dedicated his entire working life to serving in the Royal Marines, commanding Commando training in the UK. His leadership has inspired young men and women to challenge their limits and embrace a journey of self-discovery, replacing the word 'can't' with the empowering word 'can.'

After a remarkable career in public service, Mike recently concluded his final role as a Diplomat in Southern Africa. During his tenure, he emerged as one of the United Kingdom's foremost experts in fostering a harmonious relationship between humans and nature, earning international acclaim for his groundbreaking work. Recognizing his exceptional contributions, Mike was honored with an Order of the British Empire (OBE).

Mike Geldard's extraordinary accomplishments and expertise serve as a testament to his unwavering dedication to the principles of outdoor training and the transformative power of nature. As a valued member of the RVIVAL team, Mike brings his wealth of knowledge and leadership to guide and inspire others on their own journey of self-discovery, pushing the boundaries of what they believe is possible. His exceptional career and international recognition highlight his unwavering commitment to excellence and his profound understanding of the vital connection between humanity and the natural world.



Performance & Optimisation Coach. Wilderness Specialist

Having spent the last 10 years in the British Army, Jim brings his exceptional skills and leadership experience to the RVIVAL team. Throughout his military career, Jim has embarked on operational deployments and served as an instructor at the prestigious Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the foremost center for leadership training. Alongside his military commitments, Jim has nurtured a deep passion for the great outdoors, establishing himself as an avid skimountaineer.

Driven by his unwavering love for the wilderness, Jim has pushed his physical and mental limits through numerous ultra-marathons and embarked on an extraordinary adventure as a Husky Dog Sled Guide deep within the Arctic Circle. Over the course of 15 years, he has dedicated himself to honing his outdoor skills, allowing him to navigate the most challenging environments with confidence and expertise.

With a vast wealth of experience and an unrelenting passion for adventure, Jim is committed to providing his clients with unforgettable journeys. Whether it's conquering rugged terrains, summiting majestic peaks, or exploring remote wilderness, Jim's dedication to crafting remarkable experiences shines through. His extensive knowledge and unwavering enthusiasm for the outdoors make him an invaluable member of the RVIVAL team, ready to guide and inspire others on their own unforgettable journeys of self-discovery.



Performance & Optimisation Coach. Wilderness Specialist

Meet Alex Gay, the wilderness specialist of the RVIVAL team. With an impressive background in the British Army's elite Special Forces, Alex has dedicated the past decade to leading operations across the globe. Throughout his extensive military service, he has honed his bushcraft skills, spending countless years in the field perfecting his expertise.

Living out of the back of vehicles, including tanks, and carrying only what he can fit on his back, Alex has become a master of adapting to the wilderness. His insatiable thirst for adventure has taken him on incredible journeys, from cycling across the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand to trekking through the majestic Himalayas and camping amidst the vast African Savannah.

Throughout his worldwide travels, Alex has not only embraced the thrill of exploration but has also absorbed invaluable knowledge and techniques on how to thrive comfortably in the great outdoors. His vast array of experiences has equipped him with a diverse skill set that he eagerly shares with others.

As the RVIVAL team's wilderness specialist, Alex brings his wealth of expertise and passion for the outdoors to guide and inspire others. Whether it's teaching essential survival skills, sharing tips for comfortable outdoor living, or leading expeditions into uncharted territories, Alex's unwavering commitment to the wilderness and his dedication to helping others unlock their full potential make him an indispensable asset to the RVIVAL team.



Wilderness Chef & Wild Fitness Coach

A multifaceted talent at RVIVAL, blending her expertise as a personal trainer, mountain guide, and wild chef to create unique experiences. 

At RVIVAL, Yaz elevates culinary experiences into a journey of discovery and connection with nature. Her approach to cooking transforms the kitchen into a space of environmental appreciation, where participants learn to weave local and sustainably sourced ingredients into their everyday meals. Through her diverse and flavourful dishes, Yaz invites participants to explore and celebrate their surroundings through taste, from the land to the shores.

Beyond her culinary prowess, Yaz is an advocate for movement in the wilderness. She leads mountain adventures and nature-based fitness retreats that defy traditional norms, focusing on mental transformation, teamwork, and outdoor creativity. These retreats are not about weight loss or intense boot camp routines; instead, they are therapeutic spaces for laughter, body appreciation, and deep connection with nature.

Yaz's holistic philosophy at RVIVAL fosters a deep connection with nature. From the start, participants are immersed in an environment that encourages shedding the burdens of modern life. Her focus is to revive the body, clear the mind, and rejuvenate the soul, featuring activities like cold water swims, outdoor training, yoga, fermentation workshops, and foraging, all aimed at rediscovering inner balance.

Yaz’s sessions provide a comprehensive well-being toolkit, catering to those seeking a complete off-grid reset or those looking to enrich their lives with nature's wisdom. Her programs are crafted to endow participants with a harmonious and sustainable outlook, preparing them for life's challenges. Guided by Yaz, RVIVAL guests embark on a transformative journey, adopting a slower, nature-inspired rhythm, and gaining a deeper appreciation for the natural world.



Survival Expert

A testament to living in harmony with nature. Raised in the Cairngorms, his upbringing instilled a profound respect for the wilderness, shaping his immersive and respectful approach to outdoor survival. As a leading figure at RVIVAL, Zeki embodies our brand's mission, championing a philosophy of living in harmony with nature. His approach highlights cooperation and mutual respect for the natural world, steering away from the notion of human dominance over the environment.

His skills extend beyond Scotland, notably as a guide in Iceland. Here, Zeki embodies his teachings, exploring terrains and using natural resources like whalebone to create essential tools. This deep environmental connection is key to his RVIVAL courses, advocating an appreciation of nature's offerings, echoing the wisdom of our ancestors.

Zeki's global experiences have honed his perspective, fostering humility and a grounded approach. His ability to create community, whether through shared meals or engaging conversations, highlight the importance he places on communal living and natural engagement.

He views the essentials of life as knowledge, respect for the land, and strong community bonds, traits exemplified by the Bushmen he respects. Their contentment and attunement with nature are what Zeki always aims to bring to RVIVAL's experiences. More than just a survival expert, Zeki inspires a reconnection and respect for the natural world, promoting a lifestyle of thriving in harmony with the wilderness.



Cold Water and Ice Swimming Coach

An exceptional cold water and ice swimming coach who thrives on her deep connection with the outdoors. With an unwavering passion for the natural world, Gilly is driven to inspire others to embrace the wonders of cold water and find their place within it as part of the RVIVAL team.

For over two decades, Gilly has dedicated herself to the outdoor industry, exploring the globe in search of thrilling adventures and forging profound connections within the realms of rock climbing and cold water exploration. Nature is not only her profession but also her personal sanctuary, fueling her desire to share its transformative power with others.

With more than eight years of experience in ice swimming, Gilly has competed in national and international winter swimming events. Her expertise is backed by qualifications as a cold water swim coach and open water lifeguard. Gilly's remarkable journey as a coach, presenter, and speaker has led her to feature in numerous films, documentaries, and publications, where she eloquently speaks about the profound impact of cold water on well-being and the cultivation of stillness in both mind and body.

Gilly's coaching has touched the lives of clients from all corners of the globe, ranging from CEOs to charitable organizations, from award-winning publications to film crews. Her warm and welcoming approach has nurtured powerful communities of change within this field. She firmly believes that the path to happiness can be found in nature, and she has guided thousands of individuals, regardless of ability, gender, or size, to discover their own sense of belonging in the great outdoors.

When she's not submerged in the water or scaling cliffs with optional ice axes in hand, you can find Gilly in her studio, skillfully illustrating with a dip pen for publications and private commissions. She also has a penchant for hiking barefoot, sourcing the finest coffee beans for her next expedition, and beachcombing with her feline companion. Gilly McArthur is a true inspiration, sharing her expertise, love for nature, and zest for life as an invaluable member of the RVIVAL team.



Wilderness Chef

Meet Tom Byrom, a seasoned and passionate chef with over 20 years of experience in the culinary industry. Tom's journey began in the world of fine dining at The Angel Inn at Hetton, where he laid the foundation for his remarkable career. He then continued to refine his skills at the renowned Michelin-starred restaurant, Northcote Manor in Lancashire, where he quickly rose to the position of sous chef at the young age of 20.

Driven by an insatiable desire to expand his culinary repertoire, Tom embarked on a transformative journey to Australia, where he spent six years honing his craft. During his time there, he embraced new-age style cuisine and innovative techniques, stepping away from the classical French background that had shaped his earlier experiences.

As a valued member of the RVIVAL team, Tom has channeled his culinary expertise and passion for outdoor adventure. With a focus on fire pit cooking, he has mastered the art of creating incredible flavor combinations, infused with flair and a sense of fun, all while utilizing seasonal and locally sourced produce. Tom's commitment to elevating the outdoor dining experience brings a unique and tantalizing culinary dimension to the RVIVAL ethos.

With his wealth of experience and unwavering dedication to his craft, Tom Byrom seamlessly blends his culinary prowess with the thrill of the great outdoors as part of the RVIVAL team. His expertise and creativity ensure that every meal becomes an unforgettable experience, immersing guests in the beauty of nature while savoring the finest flavors that the season has to offer.



Culinary Culture Guide, Whisky & Food Pairing Host, Writer and Broadcaster

Ghillie is the Host of Rvival's Highland Base, a writer, broadcaster, food anthropologist, storyteller and tourism provider in the Scottish Highlands. She grew up in East Africa, worked as journalist in Istanbul and the Middle East and as a freelance food and travel writer in India, Southeast Asia and North Africa. Her interest in diverse culinary cultures has culminated in over 50 books, many of which have been nominated for prestigious global awards – The Lebanese Cookbook won Best in the World in the Gourmand International Cookbook Awards 2021 and A Taste of the Highlands, was shortlisted for a Guild of Food Writers Award 2022.  Her most recent title, Seafood Journey, which weaves seafood recipes with the stories of people whose lives are associated with the sea as she journeys around the Scottish coast, has been described as a book ‘that really matters … with something to lift people’s spirits with so many examples of what is possible.’

Ghillie has been described as ‘one of the finest writers on the Middle East’ and her food and travel articles have appeared in the Sunday Times, Sunday Herald, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Tribune, Press & Journal, BBC Good Food Magazine, Delicious Magazine, Diet & Nutrition USA and Middle Eastern Magazines. As a broadcaster, Ghillie has many BBC credits as a presenter and contributor to a variety of food programmes and she produces her own podcast, Spirit & Spice, featuring food and drink stories in Scotland. Spirit & Spice is also the title of a biographical cookery book based on her lifestyle in a remote part of the Cairngorms National Park where she runs Cookery Workshops focusing on the traditions and tastes of different cultures and where she hosts Whisky and Food Pairing Experiences, sometimes in collaboration with her children, which attract visitors from all over the world. Her knowledge of flavour has been sought after by whisky companies leading to curated pairings using wild produce and spices for brand launches and press groups in Scotland and London.

Ghillie has also given Ted-style talks in Canada and Ireland, she has been a winner of the Highlands and Islands Innovation in Tourism Award and is one of Scotland’s Food Tourism Ambassadors. Most at home in a wild environment, Ghillie describes herself as a ‘hospitable hermit’; Food and Drink Scotland describes her as ‘an unsung hero of the culinary world in Scotland and beyond.’



Company Advisor

As a company advisor and integral member of the RVIVAL team, Chris Gledard brings a unique blend of corporate expertise and a deep passion for experiential travel and extreme sports. Throughout his impressive career as a global corporate technologist and consultant to banks, Chris managed to balance his professional commitments with his insatiable thirst for adventure.

With 27 years of industry experience and holding the position of CEO of a UK subsidiary, Chris made a pivotal decision in 2017 to leave the corporate environment behind and focus wholeheartedly on eventing, expeditioning, and global travel. This bold step allowed him to fully immerse himself in thrilling experiences and explore the far corners of the world.

Chris's journey has taken him to captivating destinations in the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, and Europe, where he has embarked on overland journeys, exhilarating rallies, and the adrenaline-pumping sport of kite surfing. By embracing these adventurous pursuits, Chris has not only expanded his horizons but also tapped into the transformative power of pushing boundaries and embracing the unknown.

With his vast knowledge of the corporate world and his unwavering passion for extraordinary experiences, Chris Gledard serves as a valuable advisor to the RVIVAL team. His unique perspective and expertise contribute to the team's vision of inspiring individuals to step outside their comfort zones and embark on thrilling adventures. Chris's journey of self-discovery, combined with his invaluable insights, make him an indispensable asset in shaping RVIVAL's mission to redefine the possibilities of experiential travel.



Falconer & Wilderness Guide

Meet Nigel, our esteemed falconry expert, whose unwavering passion has driven him to pioneer groundbreaking work with multiple raptor species. As a published author with over 20 years of experience, Nigel has become an expert in guiding individuals towards tasting true freedom and escaping the modern world, reconnecting them with the wonders of the natural realm.

Nigel's definition of the art of falconry lies in flying his birds as close to their natural wild state as possible. By witnessing one of humanity's oldest alliances with the animal kingdom, he provides a unique opportunity for individuals to experience the profound bond between humans and raptors.

With a rich background that includes serving in the British Army Infantry and 25 years as a firefighter in the Technical Rescue Unit, Nigel embodies enthusiasm for human flight. From speed-flying and base jumping to cross-country vol biv paragliding in the Alps, he has fearlessly explored the exhilarating realm of flight. Nigel has even taken his passion a step further by paragliding alongside his raptors, a practice known as parahawking. Through these extraordinary experiences, he has gained valuable insights and gathered worldwide nature watching trips, enabling him to convey the crucial message of conservation.

As a cherished member of the RVIVAL team, Nigel brings his wealth of expertise and his unwavering commitment to conservation. His pioneering work in falconry, combined with his extensive knowledge of nature and flight, enhances the RVIVAL experience and allows individuals to reconnect with the natural world while embracing the vital message of environmental preservation. Nigel's remarkable journey and his dedication to fostering a deep connection between humans and the animal kingdom make him an invaluable asset within the RVIVAL family.



Mountain Guide & Remote Ropes Expert

George, a proud native of Scotland, has always been drawn to the great outdoors. With a distinguished background as a former Sergeant with the Royal Marines, specializing as a Mountain Leader, George brings over a decade of experience in planning and executing training exercises and leading operations in mountainous and cold weather environments worldwide.

Having carved out a successful career as a freelance mountaineer, George's expertise extends to various disciplines. He is a certified wilderness medic, a qualified Winter and Summer Mountain Leader, a Rock Climbing Instructor, and a Nordic Ski Coach. His comprehensive skill set allows him to navigate diverse terrains and offer invaluable guidance to those seeking to explore the wilderness.

As a passionate advocate for the physical and cognitive benefits of the natural world, George genuinely enjoys supporting individuals who are ready to step out of their comfort zones. With his natural ability to build confidence and effectively share knowledge, he guides others on a journey of self-discovery, helping them identify areas where their skills can be honed to safely explore the wilderness.

George's commitment to creating a supportive and empowering environment aligns perfectly with the RVIVAL ethos. His deep passion for the outdoors, combined with his extensive experience as a leader, allows him to guide individuals towards unlocking their full potential. Whether it's conquering mountains, honing wilderness survival skills, or venturing into uncharted territory, George's expertise and unwavering support make him an invaluable member of the RVIVAL team.



Expedition Planner & Project Manager

Digby's passion for adventure has led him to some interesting places. Having worked alongside well-known explorers; providing logistical support on expeditions to the North Pole, Baffin Island, and Greenland to name a few, Digby continues to pursue work/life balance in harmony with the outdoors. Having commissioned into the Army Reserves in 2020, Digby builds on his adventure repertoire through career courses, adventurous training, and instructing. As a passionate skier, and military Ski Instructor, Digby spends as many weeks of the winter surrounded by snow as possible, and it's not unlikely that you'll find him in the mountains in the summer too! A love of the outdoors, wilderness survival, and a passion to spread the ethos of adventure, makes Digby an exciting new member of the RVIVAL team.



Professional Waterman, Freediver and Spearfisherman

Introducing Dave Ibby, a true waterman and expert in spearfishing, free diving, and coastal foraging. With his deep connection to the ocean and a wealth of expertise in these pursuits, Dave brings a unique perspective to the RVIVAL team, offering transformative experiences that immerse individuals in the bounty of the coastal environment.

As a sponsored spearfisherman, Dave has honed his skills to perfection, navigating the depths of the ocean to harvest its treasures sustainably. His profound understanding of marine ecosystems and his ability to move effortlessly underwater allow him to connect with the natural world in a truly extraordinary way.

Beyond spearfishing, Dave's expertise extends to free diving, a discipline that enables him to explore the underwater realm with grace and ease. His mastery of breath-holding techniques and the art of underwater exploration provides individuals with an unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in the wonders of the sea.

Dave's passion for coastal foraging further deepens his connection to the natural world. With an intimate knowledge of coastal ecosystems, he skillfully identifies edible plants, shellfish, and other resources, allowing individuals to learn the art of sustenance from the coastal environment.

As a cherished member of the RVIVAL team, Dave Ibby combines his expertise as a waterman in spearfishing, free diving, and coastal foraging to offer transformative experiences that reconnect individuals with the ocean's abundance. Through his guidance and instruction, he enables others to cultivate skills in sustainable harvesting, uncover hidden coastal treasures, and forge a profound connection with the marine world.

With Dave's unwavering passion, extensive knowledge, and deep reverence for the ocean, RVIVAL participants are invited to embark on unforgettable journeys that celebrate the bounty of the coastal environment. Whether it's diving into the depths, exploring the shoreline, or discovering the culinary delights of the sea, Dave's expertise and commitment to sustainable practices ensure an enriching and immersive experience for all who venture with RVIVAL.



Horseman & Pack Pony Specialists

Tom Lloyd, the proud owner of the Hades Hill herd of Fell ponies, continues a legacy established by his father, Walter Lloyd, back in 1957. From a young age, Tom has embarked on incredible journeys with his beloved Fell ponies, cultivating a deep appreciation for the finer details of the natural world and the art of slow, mindful travel. In 1995, he undertook an extraordinary adventure, driving a pair of ponies the length of England and back, which further fueled his passion for exploration and connection with the wilderness.

Recognizing the unique benefits of traveling with pack ponies, Tom expanded his horizons in 2010 and began embarking on multiday pack pony treks. This traditional method of travel not only allows adventurers to slow down and tune into their natural surroundings at the gentle pace of the ponies but also offers the luxury of having their load carried, providing a sense of freedom and ease as they navigate remote locations with additional supplies and equipment.

In 2019, Tom established Fell Pony Adventures, offering bespoke wild camping pack pony treks that delve deep into the heart of nature. These transformative experiences enable participants to immerse themselves in the beauty of the outdoors while forging a profound connection with the ponies and the land they traverse. By embracing the traditional art of pack pony travel, individuals can relish in the luxury of carrying less and accessing remote locations that may have otherwise been challenging to reach.

Beyond their equestrian pursuits, Tom is also an award-winning filmmaker and podcaster, capturing and sharing captivating stories from their journeys. Meanwhile, Flo, an accomplished equestrian, brings her passion and expertise to the team, having recently completed a National Diploma in Equine Management and making her mark in the British Carriage Driving Junior Championships.

The collective knowledge and experience of Tom and Flo Lloyd make them invaluable members of the RVIVAL team. Their deep connection with Fell ponies, coupled with their dedication to slow travel and appreciation for the natural world, align perfectly with the RVIVAL ethos of savoring the finer details, accessing remote locations, and luxuriating in the timeless tradition of pack pony travel. Through their offerings, Tom and Flo invite individuals to embark on transformative multiday adventures, allowing them to rediscover the joy of a slower pace and immerse themselves in the beauty of the wilderness.



Craftsman - Brechfa knives

Mic, the skilled craftsman of the RVIVAL team, is a dedicated artisan who practices his craft from a meticulously designed workshop. With an unwavering love and profound respect for his craft and the materials he works with, Mic pours his time and expertise into every piece he creates. In the realm of knife making, he is renowned for his commitment to handcrafting each blade, never compromising on quality or rushing the process.

Mic's journey is one fueled by unwavering dedication to his craft and a hunger for constant learning. He understands that mastery is a lifelong pursuit, and he embraces every opportunity to expand his knowledge and refine his skills. It is this relentless pursuit of excellence that drives him forward, pushing the boundaries of his craftsmanship with each new creation.

What sets Mic apart is his deep appreciation for the traditional tools of the trade. He finds immense joy in utilizing age-old implements that were crafted with the same ethos and commitment to craftsmanship that he embodies. These tools serve as a reminder of the enduring legacy of his craft and inspire him every time he steps into his workshop.

With each stroke of his tools and every carefully considered detail, Mic imbues his creations with the essence of his passion and dedication. His work stands as a testament to the profound beauty and functionality that can be achieved through meticulous craftsmanship. As a valued member of the RVIVAL team, Mic's creations contribute to the team's ethos of embracing quality, tradition, and the pursuit of excellence.

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