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By the time the flames had diminished the beginnings of RVIVAL began to glow.

campfire embers

Whilst sipping hot drinks, absorbing the heat and observing the flickering flame, a liberating exchange of thoughts and ideas took place. This marked the convergence of two tribes that had a range of experiences in the wilderness…

We all shared our stories, deliberated over our most monumental challenges and exchanged tales of our experiences. It soon came to light that both our tribes held the same core values and outlook on the world around us.




hiking amongst nature
blue background


It began as a journey into the wild. The further we explored the more we noticed that our practicalities in the outdoors are becoming as endangered as any species of wildlife...  

For millennia, the human species have innovated and shared some of the greatest ideas whilst gathered around a campfire.

It was here, on a cold and windy night, whilst around a common campfire on the side of a loch, that RVIVAL was first ignited. Our founder, Eliza, met team WILDNIS, a company created by an elite team of ex-special, commando and special operations forces’ who provided unique experiences and created unforgettable journeys in wild and remote locations.

Rvival team around campfire
pack pony expedition

And so, our Founder, Eliza Brown, created RVIVAL as a way to provide authentic immersive experiences that aim to return us to our evolutionary roots, revive our primitive instincts and equip us with the practical skills and tools that attune us to our surroundings. 

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