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Antibes - France

First stop, Antibes - a vibrant seaside town with loads of character and charm. I believe Antibes to be more typically French than its neighbours Nice and Cannes. It has a very historical wellpreserved core with narrow cobbled streets and squares, hidden resturants and an abundance of art. It didn't seem hugely touristic which was refreshing as I got to experience the more authentic French culture.

During the week I bounced my way east and west along the Riviera on the train to the other, more well known and popular towns. Walking through the old arches from the train station in Monaco early in the morning seemed special - not knowing what to expect to see around the next corner. The streets opened up and I walked into a fashionable and busy town which sat flaunting itself down the dramatic mountainside.I wondered down to the docks, where I got a 360 view of Monaco, which curves itself around the bay. After a days work on the boat the crew left Monaco and sailed to Cannes to pick up the next charter - I came along for the ride. It was a fantastic way to admire the French Rivieria. A definant perk after a busy days turn around.

I stayed at the Crew Grapevine in Antibes. A Yacht Crew 'base' situated in the old town. I would highly recommed it - its pricey but a great place to go if your starting off in the yachting industry. Those renting were also looking for work on the Yachts. It was a lovely way to get to know people who were focused on the same aspirations as me. There was a real sense of determination! Whether you were up bright and early or home late from daywork, there was always someone around to catch up with. Everyone had there own unique story and a cracking sense of humour. It was lovely to hear about peoples backgrounds and reasons for getting into the yachting industry.

Another day working on a glamorous yacht in Cannes. The crew were down a member and needed an extra pare of hands. The guests were on board, which was a good experience to see what life was like in full swing on the yachts...busy! I got home late and packed my bags...tomorrow I fly to Palma.

Palma..the Sailing Capital. If I was to find work on a Sailing Yacht this was the place to go.

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