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Camping in the Mountains - Mallorca

Mallorca camping Album - click here

It's impressive what you achieve with a hangover once you set your mind to it. Friday night was a boozy one. Flaming cocktails and dancing...

That Friday afternoon, before it got messy, we met at the boat to put together a rough plan to go on a road trip with the intention to camp somewhere in the mountains. The only instruction we gave each other was to meet at The Boat House Cafe at 10:30am for breakfast on Saturday morning. Ok - so we were all a little late but we made it and demolished eggs benedict, waffles, a full English and a lot of coffee between the four of us. Hangover cured?

Hiring a car. Who would have thought it could be so difficult and long winded. We definitely chose the wrong company - a long the front of Palma there are several car rental companies. We just manager to stumble into the most unorganised one. My advise? Book a car in advance (especially on a bank holiday weekend) and have a good scout of several companies before deciding which one you use. This could save a good hour of your time and minimise the risk of getting stuck in any doggy deals!

Car finally hired, kit in the boot we set off from Palma to Decathlon - the cheapest most useful store ever! You can purchase anything from fishing rods to hammocks and tents. Purchase of the year - €10 hammocks. Ideal!

A quick whip around Eroski for meat, bread, bananas, chocolate, water and wine. A fire pit and skewers were found in the Chinese store opposite.

We headed to the mountains in hope to get lost in the trees. Even though our front seat passenger failed at giving directions we gradually began to climb the hills winding our way around the hairpin bends. The view only got better. First pit stop was made in Valdemossa for an essential coffee break for the hungover passengers and to revitalise the driver.

Onwards and upwards! We followed the road into the fern covered mountains until a pee stop was requested. To our left there was a steep sided valley. The guys pointed out a flat-ish patch at the top of the valley that looked like a good spot to pitch a tent. No questions asked, we chucked our bags on our backs and loaded ourselves up with the rest of the kit.

BIG GAME was the sign that marked the 'entrance' to the valley. Casually ignoring the sign, we walked with ambitious intensions to lug all out kit to the top of the valley. Half an hour into the walk we lost a member of the clan...only to look into the distance to see his silhouette on top of a giant rock. He is a keen rock climber and is also prone to wandering off... but he led us off our intended track only to stumble across the most idyllic spot for camping.

Surrounded by giant boulders we found a nice patch of terraferma. A quaint tree under which we could move the stray rocks and pitch our tent. Just a few metres away were two stable trees, the perfect distance apart to tie the hammocks. Rocks moved, tent up (after the usual qwabble about which part goes where - admitably I was wrong) and hammocks hung. Yachtsman should be able to tie strong knots but I was very much looking forward to the hearing a loud thump and squeal in the middle of the night - they were only €10 after all.

A team wood collection helped construct an impressive fire that we surrounded by rocks. Seats set and pantry area made we had were all pretty chuffed with our new territory. Happy that the fire would keep burning we clambered up the giant boulder that towered above our base camp to watch the sunset. We managed to bring the wine up too...

What a view. We could see all the way down the mountain to the flats that led to the sea. As the sun lowered in the sky the calm sea became more clear and began to reflect the orange glow of the disappearing sun. As it began to sink into the ocean the surrounding tree covered mountains became silhouettes against the colourful sky.

Once the sun had gone the only thing glowing was our rawing fire below us. We slid back down the boulder to throw together some dinner! On route we found three empty rifle shells...only then did we remember the sign we saw that said 'BIG GAME'. So far only goats have been spotted. Good luck to those in the hammocks was the only thought that crossed my mind.

Burgers, Longanizas with a dash of ash served in buns - demolished. Very happy campers. We decided to save the roasted banana and chocolate extravaganza for breakfast.

We all lay around the fire, star gazing from our camp. Unfortunately no shooting stars were spotted during our 'how big is the universe chat'. As the snoring from one tribal member began we decided it was time to hit our pits. We were in for a cold cold night.

No thumps or screams herd during the night and everyone was accountable for in the morning. The hammock sleepers got cold in the middle of the night and so stole the warm rocks from the fire to cuddle.

The fire was easy to get going again. It still had a bit of heat in it from last night. The Bananas and chocolate set us up for our unfinished hike to the top of the valley. Once the evidence of our camp site was hidden we set off with our eyes set on the peak.

After a windy, rocky and extremely spiky adventure to the top we were welcomed with another incredible view. The point we reached looked west down the valley and south east all the way to Palma. A few landmarks along the way such as the lamb restaurant could also be seen.

It seemed that the rocky 'campable' patch that we first intended to be our destination for the night was a rocky unstable slope. Not so campable after all.

The decline was an interesting one - lots of slipping a skidding and the odd wipe out. I made sure that there was always someone in front of me to soften my landing....a few cuts and bruises later we retrieved our bags and returned to our abandoned vehicle.

The general vote was to keep driving north in search of a beach so we could go for a swim and lie in the sun. After a thirst quenching coffee stop on the coastal road and a lunch stop in Pollenca - architecturally beautiful, fashionable shops and stalls, cute cafes - we arrived at the northern end of the island. Lying on the quiet beach in the sun, our bodies appreciating the warmth after a chilly night in the mountains, everyone dosed off for an hour.

The day was disappearing and so we decided to make a move and head back south towards Palma. Food was on the mind...again! We returned to Valdemossa - the first pit stop that was made during our trip. We wandered around the streets in search for a restaurant. As we strolled along the pebble covered Spanish streets we bumped into friends of friends who were also looking for somewhere to refuel after their equally active weekend of rock climbing.

As a larger clan we found what we were looking for. A few drinks, exciting chat of the weekend, and the most delicious meal at ES ROQUISSAR! We had the restaurant all to ourselves. Fantastic wine, a tasteful menu, good quality meat and incredible puddings everyone began to yawn with content; full tummies and an action packed weekend. It was the perfect way to finish our trip.

With little planning - our spontaneous adventure to the mountains was a complete success. Our fire pit still remains in our cosy bowl in the woods waiting for our return next year.

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