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Packing For The Road.

Fly to America - check. Buy a truck - check. Next, I needed to pack the pick up with camping gear and turn it into a home; where I will live as I drive across America. I haven't exactly travelled to the northern hemisphere at the warmest time of year…the weather forecast for the next month is rain, snow and temperatures will drop below freezing at night. My body is still in slight shock from the dramatic change in climate; flying from the tropics to the snow covered mountains of New England.

As I am limited on space I have had to think to pack efficiently. In order to minimise the money I have spent. Charity shops, thrift shops, antique shops and outlets became my ‘go to’ stores. Luckily, North Conway is full of them and New Hampshire is a tax free state.

Charity Shops

$5 for a kettle, chopping knives, several pans, a selection of fire utensils, plastic sink.

Clothes - wooly jumpers, hats, coats, socks, gloves.

Board games.

Antique shops

Old fashioned hanging lantern.


Gas cooking stove ($25), propane,

Zip locks, storage boxes, washing equipment, plastic food tubs (storing food and using as bowls), jam jars (cups and storage), easy drinking water bottles (for the car), cool bag/box, cutlery.

First aid kit (cheaper to buy individual items than a set - plasters, bandages, iodine, alcohol).

Torches, axe, shovel, knife, lighters, candles, bucket (useful for washing clothes, storing fire wood),

tarporline (ideal for getting changed when wet or hanging as a canopy), mosquito net and repellant, washing line and pegs.

Baby wipes, soaps, bin bags, toilet role, kitchen paper.

Fairy lights and stationary.

Lowes/Home Depo - known for good deals, they are usually trying to get rid of scraps and the end of rolls.

Insulation - recycled foam floor insulation, vinal/lino flooring.

Spare car keys cut

People are very willing to give stuff away. Get asking!

Bedding - solid mattress, pillows. Sleeping bags or loads of blankets and duvets.


Inverter - so you can charge electronics whilst driving and therefore not rain my car battery, Extension plug

Cigarette phone chargers

Petrol Station

Road atlas (do not rely on your phone as a GPS as not everywhere has sufficient signal.

Fire wood - (April is wet so its not easy to find dry wood to chop)

Dry Storage Food Essentials

Stodge: pasta, rice, beans (soak whilst driving ready for stews, chilli and soups) - lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas, butterbeans.

Tinned: chickpeas, chopped tomato, stock, tuna, coconut milk

Breakie and snacks: nuts and seeds, trail mix, dried fruit, honey, oatmeal (breakfast, flapjacks), peanut butter

Essentials: avocado oil, red wine vinegar.

Spices: salt, pepper, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, cumin seeds, turmeric, Italian mixed herbs.

Other: sweet chilli sauce, fish sauce, curry paste, wraps.

6x one gallon water containers


Download Spotify


Caxton Card - loadable debit card that you can choose the currency you want then load it directly onto your Caxton card from your bank account. It doesn't charge you at ATMs to withdraw cash.

Cash in the car for toll roads and bridges.

Road Documents

Driving licence

Car Title/Bill of Sale

State Inspection Certification

Haynes Repare Manual

AAA Road Rescue contact information.


Jump Leads

Spare Tyre



Tire Gage

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